Emilia Romagna Region Guidelines about solar plants

The Emilia Romagna Region has adopted new simplification and development measures for solar plants located in exhausted landfills and disused quarries. Please find attached a summary of the most important innovations provided by the new regulations (D.G.R. Emilia-Romagna of 27 September 2021, n. 1500 and of 20 September 2021 n. 1458)”

Constitutional illegitimacy of the rules introducing absolute bans on the installation of plants in agricultural areas and derogations from the model of the single authorization procedure referred to in art. 12 of legislative decree 387/2003

By means of sentence no. 177/2021 the Constitutional Court, accepting the appeal by the President of the Council of Ministers, declared the constitutional illegitimacy of art. 2, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Law no. 72 of August 7, 2020 Read more…